Hypnosis sessions are available in English in our Yangjae office now.

Nice to meet you. I'm Simone, the only fully bilingual hypnotist in Korea!
I've come to Seoul in 2016 to join Dr. Seol's Mind Institute as a consulting hypnotist, and it's been a pleasure to serve more and more English-speaking clients.
My clients vary tremendously in age and nationality. Many are international students and third culture kids as well as ex-pats. I've worked with a diverse range of issues in Korea, including smoking cessation, academic anxiety, depression and relationship issues. I also work with spiritual issues and past life regression to help people achieve fuller, happier lives. 
As far as I know, I am the only hypnotist working in Korea who trained in the U.S. and is certified by international bodies (e.g. The National Guild of Hypnotists, International Association of Counselors and Therapists). For many years, I had a hypnotherapy private practice in New York City, working with private clients and teaching classes. I hold degrees from Wellesley College and Columbia University.
What I have helped clients with:
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems and breakups
  • "Quarter life crisis"
  • Quitting smoking
  • Test anxiety 
  • Feeling "stuck"
  • Phobias
  • Nail-biting
  • Writer's block 
  • Chronic pain
  • .... and more.
Please feel free to get in touch if you think I could help you.


"Simone is a healing genius with one of those magical voices. I was spellbound without losing any control over myself; able to give over the wheel without needing to cringe and reflexively slam the brakes. It was the bar-none best hypnosis experience I’d ever had. I have never, ever, EVER in my life had a longstanding issue dissolved and reframed with so little effort and drama on my part.”  – R. Wolf, Texas

"Simone is one of my star pupils. Her skill set is staggering and her compassion exudes from her every pore. She is amazing; if you have a chance to work with her, do it." -- Melissa Tiers, Founder of the Center for Integrative Hypnosis, NYC.

"Within minutes of starting work with her I was crying happy tears. If you’re nervous she’ll really put you at your ease. She doesn’t plant things in your head, she just leads you to discover the astonishingly beautiful things that were there already. Had the weirdest knock-on effects the next day – things we hadn’t even discussed just sneakily got better without my noticing!" -- E Jacques, U.K

"Simone is hilarious, insightful and effective. If you’re brave enough for to stretch your mind a little, she can help jumpstart amazing change for you." — C. DeVries, MT

As a doctor and corporate executive, I came in with a lot of skepticism about whether hypnosis could work for me.  I thought it was a quick fix (much like a fad diet that never really works). I was surprised that you put me at ease immediately and taught me practical, empowering techniques that really changed the way I react to stressful situations. I am now much more calm and confident, taking way better care of myself.  I guess the key gain here is empowerment. I am so happy I took this step and I encourage anyone who feels skeptical about this to give it a try. It really works, it did for me. Thank you so much Simone." - A client who wishes to remain anonymous, NYC

"I feel so lucky to have had the time we spent together. You are so intelligent and compassionate and you really do know how to have a conversation but at the same time, integrate really valuable techniques that I could easily integrate into my life. It's really changed my life; I can't thank you enough." - H. Choi, NYC

"From where I started a few short weeks with you, just to get to the point where I am now, feeling energized, happy and optimistic about where I could go in my life... It's just been an amazing experience. I feel that so many things are different. I wish I had someone come into my life 20 years ago and tell me how important it is to make the best choices for myself and see the positives that could result from that focus." - C. Jamieson, NYC

"I was very surprised to feel an instant connection with you. I felt that you crystallized something I could immediately work on. After only the first session, a total helplessness turned into "anything is possible." I would recommend you to anyone looking to put an extra element of optimism in their lives, people who need a good life coach but wants a more powerful foundation than regular life coaching, or anyone who has tried any other kind of hypnosis or therapy and found it to be too long-term and not focused enough. " - J. Caputo, Corporate Trainer, NYC

"I am so happy that I found you. You helped me tremendously from the very first session. I learned so many  important things: how to see details, how to calm myself down, how to control myself.... not even control, but understand what I'm thinking and  how I'm engaging in my patterns. I don't even see myself as someone with really big problems but I learned so much. I absolutely recommend you to everyone just for the experience, just for the amazing self-discovery. And I cannot wait to attend your workshops." - S. Galyga, NYC

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